Monday, April 16, 2018

"Look At My Hands!"

Story is told of a Missionary sent to Burma, had to ask permission of the king.
King looked him over
No, not you. My people are not foolish enough to listen to your preaching, but they will notice those calloused, work scarred hands.

Toward the end of my parent’s lives, I began to notice their hands more and more. I can still picture them very clearly. How many meals she made! How much wash! How much work! My dad had a meat store & deli. All the cuts he used to have! I would know those hands anywhere!

Jesus disciples were hearing confusing stories about resurrection.
A Made up story?  A ghost?
He comes before them – look at my hands & feet. It is really I!

We might think that the resurrected body was without blemish.   Shock at scars!!! How he suffered!    Recent studies of the Shroud of Turin reveal over 600 wounds. Yet, those scars helped disciples recognize him! It showed them it was the same person who was crucified.    It is a proof of his love.

People who care about others – people who love - pick up a lot of wounds.    On the outside and in. (Sometime children yell at their parents and even hit – hurts their hearts!)
If a person has no wounds – I wonder – was there nothing worth suffering for???

Thing about hands – they teach us about a person:

Hold a hand
Make a Fist in rage
Point finger
Thumbs up
Thumbs down
Wrap in embrace
Shake hand
Slam a door
Feed hungry person
Steal from store
Bring joy
Bring sorrow

What we do with our hands – says much about who we are.

WWII – Story of a bombed out church. People went through wreckage – armless Sacred Heart – guess we have to get a new one – next day, someone put a sign – you are the hands!

We are the hands, we are the feet, we are the heart – we can show others that Christ is truly Risen!