Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Thoughts

Hi All,
Sorry I have not kept up with the blog. Now that my vacation days are over, I will try to do better!
- Thanks again for all your prayers. Over two months have gone by since my dad's death. Some days are still hard.
- Keep praying for our housekeeper - Nellie Fahy. Nellie took ill right before my dad died, and is still doing rehab. She hopes to be back soon. In the meantime, thanks to all who helped with the wash, the cleaning and the cooking. We are surviving!
- Thanks to all who assisted with the Ministry Fair. It looks great!
- Thanks also to all who prepared the "Welcome New Parishioner" Breakfast. The bagels were excellent.
- Thanks to Tony Majewski for not being defeated by our water problems. Tony laid a new water pipe in one day (Saturday). Great job Tony!
- Pray for Mike Derych who took ill at the beginning of the 9am Mass. Mike, you can't blame this one on my homily! Get better!
- Pray also for Mary Goodman, a dear parishioner who is critically ill.
- Looking forward to the Knights Outing on Monday!
- Mariano Day at the Stadium and Andy's last start. The DVR is set to go.