Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! A time of new beginnings!
Easter Baskets – the Lenten fast is over – time to eat!
Easter Eggs with festive colors – like chicks, Christ has come out of the tomb
Easter bunnies – spring babies – new life
Easter outfits and Easter parade – new garments received by newly baptized

All these signs point to one thing – the Resurrection.
Amazingly – the one who was dead now lives. How can this be? 

What is the Resurrection?
-         Some say it is a metaphor – Jesus was still alive in their hearts and minds. He lives on in memory.
-         Some – another way to speak of nature after the death of winter, like caterpillars to butterflies and frozen earth to green shoots.
-         Some – his legacy lives on. Jesus will live on, just like the writings of Shakespeare on the music of Beethoven.
Nice – but we believe in something more – That he physically rose from the dead – Why? What is the evidence?
1)     The Tomb was empty. Where is He? If the authorities took His Body, why not show it?  If robbers – why did they leave behind the cloths, the only things of value?
2)     He was seen on 11 occasions, once by over 500 people. Some say a hallucination – for 500???
3)     The disciples were never the same. They left the Upper Room never to return. All except John would die a violent death – John in exile. Would you give your life for a made-up story?
4)     It is still happening! Over 1 Billion Catholics in the world. And the Faith is still being passed on.
See now – we come to the decision point
Is he who he said He is – the Son of God?
Was he crazy or dangerous – of did he speak the truth?
If he did – what does that mean for my life?

Did He Truly Rise from the dead? If he did not, it’s time for me to get a real job and time for us to close and sell St. Columba Church!

But if He did – and I believe He did - it changes everything!

How I look at my life – as a gift from God.
And how I look at death – a passing to eternal life.

It changes what I do with my life, how I speak to others, where and how I work, what I read, what I watch on TV, what I view on the Internet, how I treat the poor, the aged, the sick, the immigrant, the unborn. 

It changes everything!
St. Augustine once said – I can now catch sight of my homeland from afar - How do I get there? The One who is our Goal came to us. He brought us the plank to make our passage.” And now with St. Thomas we can say – My Lord and My God!”
A time of new beginnings!  Happy Easter!!!