Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ordination Anniversary

Father Michael will celebrate his Thirty-Fifth Anniversary of Ordination to the Priesthood on Monday, October 31. He will gather with his Ordination Class on Thursday, October 27 at Epiphany Church in NYC for Mass and a private dinner with classmates. Please pray for the Ordination Class of 1981 from St. Joseph's Seminary, Dunwoodie and for more Vocations to the Priesthood.

Funeral Mass - John R. Bleakley, Sr.

A Mass of Christian Burial will be offered for the repose of the soul of John Bleakley on Saturday, October 29 at 10:00 a.m. Please pray for him and for his family.

Funeral Mass - Edward Moszczynski

A Mass of Christian Burial will be offered for the repose of the soul of Edward Moszczynski on Friday, October 28 at 1:00 p.m. Please pray for him and for his family.

Funeral Mass - Anthony Esposito

A Mass of Christian Burial will be offered for the repose of the soul of Anthony Esposito on Wednesday, October 26 at 10:00 a.m. Please pray for him and for his family.

Sunday, October 23, 2016


He looked like a red rose between two thorns!
There was Cardinal Dolan at the Al Smith Dinner seated between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

He was asked – what was it like?  They did try before the dinner to be courteous to one another. But during the dinner . . .

In the past – self depreciating humor – make fun of yourself – a humble humor – but now: at the expense of the other. Not humility but humiliation.

Thinking of Odell Beckham, star receiver of the Giants. Last week he scored a touchdown, waved his teammates away & took off his helmet – hey, look at me! Forgetting that Eli threw the pass and his other teammates blocked for him.

Two people went to the temple to pray:
1) Pharisee  -  by and large: good and holy people  “the separated ones”  not priests, but lay people – must strictly observe the laws
- fasted 2 x week     -  10% income to God   -  prayed 4 x a day    pretty good.

2) Tax collector – the publican    most considered him a traitor – he worked for a foreign government (Romans)   earned his pay by over taxation    ritually unclean   should not have even been there  -    O God, be merciful to me, a sinner!

Shocked – tax collector justified by God  -  why?

1) Pharisee prayer -  did not even need God – all about himself   I  I   I      Humility from the Latin word – humus – earth.  God created Adam from the earth. God created us! All I am is a gift from God.  Humility.

2) All about comparisons -  compared to others like this tax collector    grew up comparing, still do it!   Mom,  Dad!!!  Maureen got a bigger slice!!!

What tax collector did was compare himself to God!  
Reconciliation -  cilia – eyelash      eyelash to eyelash w God     & who will win???!!!

St. Augustine: What are the ways to God?  “The first is humility, the 2nd is humility, the third is humility”

St Therese “Beginning of holiness is humbly admitting that without God, I can do nothing, but - that  with   in  and through him,  everything is possible.

St. Mother Teresa   to experience JOY
Jesus   Others   You.

O God, be merciful to me, a sinner!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Funeral Mass - Richard Carroll

A Mass of Christian Burial will be offered for the repose of the soul of Richard Carroll on Saturday, October 22 at 11:00 a.m. Please pray for him and for his family.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Keep Praying!

To Persist – she kept after the judge, Moses kept holding up hands in prayer. Made me think of a parishioner of St. Stephen’s Warwick – Dolores Murphy & her brother – Stephen McDonald. Through Dolores I met this amazing man.

Thirty years ago, while on patrol in Central Park, the then Officer McDonald was shot three times –head – throat and spine. He is paralyzed from the neck down. At the time, he and his wife Patti were married only 8 months and she was carrying her soon to be son Conor – who is now a 4th generation Police Officer. Stephen was in the hospital for months. Every day was a struggle to live.

Card O’Connor once described them: “They are ordinary New Yorkers . . . but they are extraordinary, too, imbued with the spirit of forgiveness, faith and fidelity to each other beyond earthly measure . . . their conscious effort to conquer death and hatred with a spirit of life and love ennobles them.

Forgiveness – Go 2 ways:  hate or love:  “I forgive the boy who shot me, and I hope he can find peace and purpose in his life.”
Fidelity – She never thought to go back on her yes – “we did not get married to be divorced”
Faith – Stephen speaks to many young people and he encourages them “to grow in relationship with God and our Blessed Mother. Life is important and has meaning. You are a special and rare creation of God with enormous value. God creates you for a purpose!”

Relationship with God . . .     Friendship with God

1)      Spend time – intentional, even put on schedule

2)      Learning – what to know as much as possible about the other person – Bible & saints

3)      Honesty – let self be known to the other – share everything with God, not just what we think God wants to hear.  Even anger, disappointments, sadness

4)      Listening – create a space for the other to be heard.    Listen to physical signs, other people, scripture, emotions, memories, daily life    connects with:

5)      Silence – Mom & Dad would sit in room - not say a word – intimacy.  Electronic: disconnect to connect.

6)      Changes – Relationship with God can and should change over time.

Stephen said last July: I am not here by accident. There is a purpose and plan to my life. God has been involved in this story from beginning to end.    So persist, be strong, do not be afraid!