Sunday, February 11, 2018

Jesus Reached Out And Touched Him

Jesus put out his hand and touched him.
I wonder, when was the last time?
How could you blame the people? - They just did not know what to do with leprosy – had to send him away.
Young man discovered something worse than leprosy – disconnect from family, friends, synagogue.

He needed a cure – but more importantly – he needed healing of a broken heart.

160 years ago tomorrow – young girl named Bernadette was gathering firewood – when she felt a breeze, looked up and saw a Lady. Who are you?  – in time – I Am the Immaculate Conception – Build a church, dig for water, pray and turn back to God.

Every year, 5 million people come to Lourdes – 80,000 who are sick – many seek a cure – many more experience healing.

Thing about Lourdes - Sick come first at everything – they are all surrounded with love – they all matter to God and to us.

Brought to the baths – yes, you bathe in the Lourdes water. Surrounded by volunteers, they gently and firmly immerse you in the water – a cleansing of the body.   If you wish today, dip your finger in our holy water fonts – I have added water from Lourdes.

Off to confession – after cleaning the outside, you clean the inside – I spent a grace filled week their hearing confessions – but I am just as moved in our little confessionals here – your sins are forgiven!

Procession with the Blessed Sacrament – Jesus is truly with us – Body and Blood – and he becomes a part of us when we receive Him. He is waiting for you in our little chapel – hear your prayers and bring healing.

Candlelight Procession – 30,000 people – light in so much darkness – we are not alone. So, we light a candle in church or one at home – do not be afraid!

Someone once said that the greatest miracle is not when God does our will – but when we do God’s will. The miracle of healing, the miracle of Lourdes, can happen right here.