Monday, July 17, 2017

Sowing Seeds

I want to start a garden – he told the owner of the garden center – but my yard is a problem. I get blazing sun in the afternoon for two hours, but otherwise it’s all shade. How about the soil? – Hard clay, lots of rocks. What do you recommend I plant?  Why don’t you check out aisle 2 – we have a new supply of Birdbaths and flag poles!
Passing on the faith is just like planting – sometimes there are many obstacles. Unlike modern farming, where seeds are put in nice straight rows, the farmers of Jesus time just tossed the seed. It landed in all sorts of places:
Some fell on hard soil. Saw on “CBS This Morning” New on line grocer called “Brandless.” Sell about 200 products – everything is $3.00. They sell directly to consumers, saving people money.  Owners say 78% of customers are millennials born between 1981-1997 or so.  They:
-          Don’t want to buy products they grew up with
-          Don’t want their parents government
-          Don’t want their parents institutions
-          Don’t want to go with brands.
Soil is hard!!!

Some fell on rocky ground – no roots
Was a time we valued things like motherhood, fatherhood, fraternity, civic involvement, church involvement – this has given way to SAT scores and future earning power.   Marriage and religious participation is being replaced by striving for money, power, prestige.

Instead of bringing happiness – has led to great loss of meaning and hope. Since the 1980’s loneliness among adults in USA increased from 20% to 40 %.   Social isolation is now a major public health crisis – on par with cancer & heart disease.  Life expectancy of Americans is decreasing for first time since 1930’s.  I don’t have to tell you – drugs, suicide is now 2nd leading cause of death among teens and young adults.    NO ROOTS!

Some fell among briars & choked it. Two brothers were Christians – Clarence & Robert. Clarence involved with civil rights &Robert was a lawyer. Once Clarence asked Robert for legal help – no, it could hurt my career. I thought you were a follower of Christ?  -  only to a point, I am not following him onto the cross.  Robert, you are not a follower of Christ, only an admirer.  Faith choked!

Some found good soil – we realize the difference faith can make –   
Beautiful Vacation Bible School – Sister Marie teaching Catechists about their faith – collecting clothing & food for homeless for Midnight Run – St. Joseph’s Men’s group delivering beds to the poor – and our own garden out back – delicious vegetables for the food pantry

So – we keep throwing the seed – and we don’t give up - because we have something here – a light in the darkness – THE way to experience peace, fulfillment and joy!