Sunday, July 9, 2017

Come To Me . . .

Come to me all who labor and are heavily burdened, and I will give you rest – lovely words!
So many burdens:   responsibilities  - hardships  - anxiety  - Loneliness - Handicaps
Failures  -  Bitterness  -  Grief  -  Guilt  -  Illness  -  Old age  -  Worries that we are burden to others.

Some carry burdens and are not even noticed! A faculty member at a college had his room cleaned every week. A woman came in and did an excellent job. They would often chat. He learned that she had to be up at 5 each day to catch a bus to work. Then, when she was done after a long day, she had to care for her family.  He also learned that a professor was in this same room for 14 years and never once spoke to this woman. She would say Good morning with no response. Finally, she gave up.   All it takes sometimes is just a word of appreciation, to help make a heavy burden light. It makes a world of difference when we treat others with dignity and respect.

Take my yoke upon your shoulders and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart

Meek and humble of heart – allowing others to walk over us? Not at all!

Meek – from Greek word praus  (prah-oos)  a military term  referring to a horse.  The finest wild stallions were trained as war horses. They were filled with spirit, courage and power, but were disciplined top respond to the slightest nudge or pressure from the riders leg. They were “meeked”   strength under control.   Cooperation.  Allow God to guide us, allow God to be in control.

Two things about yokes:
-yokes are custom made for each ox. They were carved from solid wood , form ftted so that the yoke would not create sores. Like having on an old pair of shoes.
- allows two animals to pull together. Work is shared!

My yoke is easy and my burden is light

Boy was helping dad with yard work. Dad asked him to move a few rocks. There was this one rock, He tried and tried but he could not move it. Finally, he gave up.  Dad, I can’t do it.  Dad asked – did you use all your strength?   Yes, every ounce.  No, you did not.  You did not ask me to help.  Together they moved the rock.

Come to me   . . .      Take my yoke . . .