Monday, January 7, 2019


They are known today as Caspar – Balthasar – Melchior:   the Magi from the East.
Asia – Africa - Europe       Young – middle age - old
Scripture tells us  -  they followed a star.
At the end of their journey, they found Christ!

1)    If we could interview the magi and ask them – why did you do this, why journey and follow a star?  -  perhaps they would say -  we were called
Carl Sagan once said that we are all made of star stuff – all matter comes from the furnace of stars.
But – that is ALL he would say.

The Christian would say more – Augustine – God became man that man might become God. We are infused with the gift of a soul. Made in image & likeness of God.  There is a purpose to our existence

Each person here has a purpose – a call  -  Know, love & serve God.
Stay true to your call!!!   Even when your husband or wife gives you a hard time!  Even when your college roommate thinks you are crazy!  Even when your friends make fun of you!  Even when your co-workers ask why do you bother???

2)    They came bearing gifts:
Melchior - Gold – for a king   a kingly gift!

Balthasar – Frankincense – from the Boswellia Tree -  worth the same as gold - Incense – prayers up to heaven – for divinity

Caspar – Myrrh – Mysterious - From Cammiphora tree. Can be used as incense – also used in anointing a dead body. Worth 7X more than gold.   For the sacrifice
They gave their absolute best!

My parents were very good in this – not so much the grade – did you do your best?
Give our best – to our marriages – our parents – our children - our families – work – school???
The question is – not the grade, but did you give your best?

3)    The Magi went back another way.
Did not trust Herod and rightly so -  but also
It is hard to encounter the baby and not want to go a different way
Could not go back to the old ways!

The hobbit Bilbo Baggins was about to depart on his Great Adventure– he asked Gandalf:  will I return? Gandalf said: I cannot guarantee it, but if you do return, you will be changed.

When we meet Christ – it changes everything -   how we look at ourselves – how we look at others - how we look at life – how we act toward one another – what we say – what we do.

Today we remember the story of the Magi  – they followed a star – they gave their best – and they went away, changed forever.  Sounds like it could be our story, too!