Sunday, November 12, 2017

Be Prepared!

Sinking of Titanic
Woman about to get in lifeboat – forgot something, let me go back
Ran to her room – pushed aside her diamond rings and necklaces
Reached above bed for 3 oranges

A few hours before you could not have given her a crate of oranges for her smallest diamond. But now everything had changed -  priceless things became worthless. Worthless things became priceless.

Bridesmaids could care less about oil. But the bridegroom was late. Now they were running out. Getting oil, any oil, was most important thing. Some were ready and some were not.

Jesus tells this parable – be ready for the coming of the Son of Man. Some thoughts:

1)    Some things in life cannot be borrowed.  We can help each other with so many things, but at some point, we are on our own.   We can encourage, can pray, in the end, we have no power. That person must decide to change. Watched mom & dad pass from this life – not a thing I could do – Ultimately, they had to face it themselves.

2) We often think there is more time. But some things in life cannot be put off until the last moment – Superstorm Sandy – when the hurricane was forecast, it was already too late to do some things.  So, we try to prepare now!

3) If we are not prepared, can miss great opportunities   Watchfulness a daily thing!
Parents go to movie with 13 year old.
Sign says children under 12 $8.00   Adults $12.00
They tell themselves, my child is not an adult – ask for child’s ticket.
Suddenly, a great opportunity is lost to teach responsibility
They could have taught child that honesty is more important than money.

Before the iceberg – diamonds were all that mattered.
Now it’s oranges.

We know not the day or hour – are we prepared?